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Are your products all natural?

  •  Yes! Our products are all natural. We use the purest, plant-based ingredients, essential oils and fragrances to create our products. Not only are these products chemical free and safe for you and family, but they are safe for the environment and are sustainably sourced.

Do your products cause allergic reactions?

  •  While our products are all natural, it is always best to be sure to read the ingredient list to be sure that you aren’t using anything that you are allergic to.

 Are your products tested on animals?

  •  No. Our products are cruelty free, and have been tested by the creators who make them, and by the customers who purchase them. BETA tests have only been performed by willing participants and no animals have been handled in our processes.


Are your products safe for children?

  •  Yes. As long as the child isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients, our products are safe enough to use on children of all ages. Due to the essential oil content, we suggest that only children over the age of 3 month use the NOURISH Growth Oil.



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